La Sage Bistro

Dine In, Locally owned and operated, Catering and much more.

La Sage Bistro History

Established in 2005

In September 1991 Garri came to America from Armenia. Sandy was born and raised in Salt Lake.  We met in 1994, fell in love and married in 1996.  In 1998 we had our son Arik and in 2002 we had our daughter Emma.

Arik is now13 and Emma is 9

The enjoyment we receive in watching our guests enjoy a wonderful and filling meal is indescribable.  We believe we are making recipes for memories.   When our guests can sit down with their friends and family, whether it is for a casual lunch or a special event and we can take part in making it a memorable, we have achieved our goal.

We hope you will let all your friends and family know about us and on your next visit bring a friend for a taste of our food at

 La Sage Bistro

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